CES: Panasonic Focuses on 4K, Ultra HD Blu-Ray Player to Ship This Year

CES Setup - H 2016
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CES Setup - H 2016

Panasonic rolled out a string of new 4K televisions and related products during its presentation at the 2016 International CES trade show in Las Vegas.

The electronics giant unveiled a 65-inch OLED TV, which recently was launched in Europe to great fanfare. OLED is short for organic LED, a newer technology that allows for deeper blacks and more accurate colors that can't be produced on LED LCD sets.

Panasonic also introduced a 65-inch LCD television supporting the "Ultra UHD Premium" parameters. "Ultra HD Premium" is a new logo program launched on Monday by the UHD Alliance (a consortium of Hollywood studios, manufacturers and other technology stakeholders) to help consumers identify quality UHD products and content. Panasonic is a member of the alliance.

Panasonic announced a new Lumix 4K point-and-shoot camera and 4K camcorders.

Looking farther out, Panasonic will demonstrate two displays that support 8K, which is 16 times the resolution of HD. One is a tabletop-style 55-inch 8K display that features a touch panel, and the other is being developed to enable the transmission of a large volume of 8K content over a single cable.

The company also revealed that it has developed freeze ray, an optical-disc-based data archive system in collaboration with Facebook. It was developed to store infrequently or never-accessed data for the long term, with an eye toward archiving Facebook posts and photos. The technology now will be available to additional data centers.