CES: Sharp, Samsung Demoing 8K Ultra HDTVs

3D TV Sharp Electronics CES H 2013

LAS VEGAS—While the term Ultra HD is effectively synonymous with 4K resolution at the International CES, the other flavor of Ultra HD—which is 8K, or a whopping 16 times the resolution of today’s HD—has also made an appearance.

Sharp is demonstrating an 85-inch 8K display, along with an additional 85-inch 8K display that is combined with Dolby 3D glasses free 3D technology. The later is a prototype that was delivering nearly 4K resolution per eye, but at this stage the viewing angle was very narrow.

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“[The viewing angle] is more narrow in return for increased depth,” explained Dolby’s senior director of broadcast imaging Roland Vlaicu, who emphasized that the display is still in development and the “viewing zones still need to be smoothed out.”

Also at CES, Samsung is previewing its first 8K screen, a 98-inch QUHD.

Many of the world's broadcasters and OTT service providers that have been exploring Ultra HD have been looking at the 4K flavor of the format, but Japanese public broadcaster NHK has developed and hopes to implement an 8K  “Super Hi Vision” system.

NHK intends to continue experimenting with 8K this year, and start test 8K broadcasting by the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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