CES: Startup Tarsier Introduces Stereo Glasses for Gestural Recognition

Startup Tarsier is making it a possibility to interact remotely with your TV as if it were a touchscreen, as the company demonstrated at CES.

Its prototype MoveEye system comprises a set of battery-operated smart glasses embedded with their own stereo web cameras that transmit visual information to a receiving device. The stereo cameras simultaneously see a user's hand gestures and what it is they are looking at on a screen.

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The effect, according to CEO Shafa Wala, is to enable users to interact with their TV by gesture in a more intuitive manner than is possible with existing technologies such as Microsoft Kinect.

"All gestural technology available today use some kind of cursor to let the user indicate where to interact," he explained. "The sensors create a depth map of the room but have no idea what the person is actually looking at. That's not intuitive and it's not as easy to use as a touchscreen. Our technology allows you to interact and view in a more natural way and from the user's perspective."

Wala said he was seeking partners to develop the technology further.

The glasses feature passive polarized lenses so the user can view and interact with content in 3D.

As intriguing as this sounds, there must be a question mark over any technology that asks consumers to wear 3D glasses, given the lack of interest in 3D TV.