CES: UHD Alliance Unveils Technical Spec, Logo Program for Home Entertainment

The Hollywood Sign - H 2015
Courtesy of RexUSA

The UHD Alliance — representing roughly 35 companies including Hollywood studios, content distributors, technology companies and consumer electronics manufacturers — has finished an agreed technical specification for a "premium" Ultra HD home experience and unveiled a consumer-facing logo to identify supported displays and content. The Alliance also announced that it is now licensing its “Ultra HD Premium” logo, which is expected to be on more than a dozen television displays as well as content, this week at CES.

The goal is to reduce consumer confusion as purchases are made, ensuring a consistent and quality entertainment experience. "This isn't a format, but parameters that define the quality of the experience," UHD Alliance president Hanno Basse, who is chief technology officer at 20th Century Fox, said, noting that in addition to 4K resolution, its includes high dynamic range, expanded color and ultimately immersive audio. The spec therefore identifies parameters such as peak brightness levels, black levels and color space. These parameters encompass various open formats, as well as proprietary ones from Dolby, Philips and Technicolor (all three are UHDA members).

The logo will be displayed on products and content that comply with the spec’s performance metrics; UHDA has designated multiple independent centers to handle testing.

Founded in January 2015, the alliance represents roughly 35 companies including  Fox, The Walt Disney Studios, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., DIRECTV, LG, Netflix, Panasonic, Samsung and Sony.

The technical specifications were created with consideration of industry standards and recommended practices from groups including the Consumer Technology Association, the Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers and the International Telecommunications Union. There are three categories in the spec: devices (currently, television displays, with other devices under consideration), distribution and content.