Cine Gear Preview: Sony to Present 'After Earth' in 4K, Interview With DP Peter Suschizky

After Earth Jaden Smith in Front of Volcano - H 2013
Columbia Pictures

After Earth Jaden Smith in Front of Volcano - H 2013

A 4K screening of Sony’s After Earth and an interview with its director of photography, Peter Suschizky, will be held Friday evening during Cine Gear Expo.

The evening’s speakers also will include Chris Cookson, president of Sony Pictures Technologies, and Bill Baggelaar, senior vp technology at Sony’s 4K post facility Colorworks.

The annual Cine Gear Expo exhibition is open today and Saturday at The Studios at Paramount. THR will be posting coverage on its Behind the Screen blog.

In no particular order, here’s a look at some of the exhibitor announcements that crossed my desk, as well as a preview of some of the panels:

-- At the Sony booth, MTI Film will demonstrate its Cortex::Control Dailies for on-set review, dailies processing, media archiving and deliverables production. The line supports Sony cameras including the F65, F55 and F5. Support for Sony RAW and SR Master formats is included in all Cortex editions, and some additionally support Sony’s recently released XAVC recording format.

MTI Film also plans to show the free edition of Cortex::Control Dailies and StreamViewer, a Cortex app that allows dailies media to be streamed directly to iPad tablets. 

--  FOR-A will be on hand with its FT-One 4K super-slow-motion camera and FT-1Read, a RAW data to DPX converter available with the camera.

Introduced at last year’s Cine Gear, the camera is designed to record at up to 900 frames per second (fps). The FT-One is scheduled to ship at the end of the month for $135,000.

-- Radiant Images plans to unveil the Novo 2K, an updated Novo action camera that shoots 2K uncompressed RAW. The company also plans to show its original palm-sized Novo camera, which was co-created with View Factor Studios, and the Arri Alexa XT. Visitors also can download a new Radiant Images' iOS app for the iPhone and iPad, which allows filmmakers to browse its inventory (the free app also is available at the App Store).

-- Colorfront will feature its Express Dailies with new software and including the 'On-Set Live' grading capabilities.

-- Codex will demonstrate Vault 2, the latest iteration of its location-based media management technology. The Vault, which has been used on features such as Iron Man 3, now supports Sony’s F5 and F55 cameras. The newest features also include support for Redmags used by Red Epic and Scarlet cameras.

Codex also will show the recently released internal recording module, co-developed with Arri, for Arri’s Alexa camera. All new Arri Alexa XT cameras will include the XR module.

-- Atomos will be on hand with the first production units of its Samurai Blade, a new $1,295 field recorder/monitor combo that it unveiled at NAB. Features include a 1280 x 720 ‘IPS SuperAtom’ touchscreen.

-- SIM Digital will feature various on-set workflows. The staff will be joined by representatives from its Bling Digital unit, which specializes in on-set and post workflows; and PS Productions Services, a new addition to SIM Digital that offers lighting and grip gear.

-- Birns & Sawyer will show its Fastec TS3 and Sony F5 cameras, a collection of lighting equipment, and its new iPad app that it launched at NAB.

-- Bexel, a unit of Vitec Group’s services division, will be on hand to discuss camera packages. Gear offered by the company includes the Sony F55, Canon EOS C300 and PL-mount Fujinon Cabrio lenses. Also present will be reps from Bexel’s Technical Sales & Solutions division.

-- Zylight will demonstrate its F8 LED Fresnel, available in tungsten or daylight versions.


Scheduled speakers on an American Society of Cinematographers-hosted panel include cinematographers Stephen H. Burum, Karl Walter Lindenlaub, Roberto Schaefer, Nancy Schreiber, Charles Minsky, Daniel Pearl, Denis Lenoir, David Perkal, Christopher Chomyn and Patrick Cady, ASC president Stephen Lighthill and moderator George Spirio-Dibie.

The International Cinematographers Guild member panel, moderated by ICG president Steven Poster, will feature directors of photography Jeffrey Jur and Brandon Trost and DITs Kevin Britton and Kevin Stanley.

Kodak will host discussions with cinematographers Giles Nuttgens (What Maisie Knew), Eric Alan Edwards (Lovelace) and Rachel Morrison (Fruitvale Station).

A panel hosted by postproduction facility FotoKem will feature cinematographers John Bailey (The Way, Way Back) and Peter Levy (House of Lies).