Cinema Audio Society to Honor Foley Mixer Mary Jo Lang

Mary Jo Lang - Courtesy of CAS - Publicity -H 2019
Courtesy of CAS

Mary Jo Lang will receive the Cinema Audio Society's President's Award, which is presented at the discretion of CAS' president to an individual who has been dedicated to the advancement of sound.

"In the world of foley mixing, Mary Jo Lang has been a force of nature. Her understanding of how to tell stories with sound has made her a filmmaker of iconic stature," said CAS president Mark Ulano. "Long ago, she broke down artificial barriers in a traditionally male-dominated field with her spectacular 'musicianship.' Beyond her own prolific output, she has contributed to the larger cinema sound community by participating in executive leadership, long serving as a board member for the Cinema Audio Society and the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Sound Branch Executive Committee. Many mentees have had the great fortune of Mary Jo 'paying it forward' as she has provided a nurturing spirit, repeating the mentoring she received along the way."

Now retired, Lang was a foley mixer at Warner Bros. Studios for more than 25 years. She started in 1984, apprenticing in production sound with Ulano and Patrushkha Mierzwa on Friday the 13th Part 5. That led to an internship at Taj Soundworks, where she began mixing in 1991. She moved to Warner Bros. Studios in 1992 with foley artist John Roesch. There, she worked on several motion pictures that won the Oscar for best sound editing and mixing, including Braveheart, The Matrix, The Dark Knight, Inception and The Ghost and the Darkness.

Lang, alongside previously announced Career Achievement Award recipient Lee Orloff and Filmmaker Award recipient Steven Spielberg, will receive her award during the 55th annual CAS Awards, Feb. 16, at the InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown.