CinemaCon: DCDC Introduces Live-Streaming to Theaters

League of Legends Championship 2014 - H 2015
Courtesy of LoL Esports

League of Legends Championship 2014 - H 2015

With eye toward the alternative content market, Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition is introducing a new feature to its content distribution network designed to enable live IP streaming of up to two live events in HD resolution, as well as two additional streams of non-live content including features, simultaneously to an unlimited number of auditoriums.

Announced Monday at CinemaCon, the first use of the system will be for League of Legends midseason viewing parties, which will be delivered live to 15 Cinemark locations. Also planned are ESL (Electronic Sports League) events during the summer, DCDC CEO Randy Blotky told The Hollywood Reporter.

The DCDC system is designed for use with its existing KenCast catch server, so long as the theater adds a decoder box to convert the IP stream into video. Discussions are underway with manufacturers to provide DCDC’s exhibitor customers with preferred pricing for the decoders.

The DCDC network, which launched in 2013, includes an estimated 24,000 screens across 2,000 sites under contract. According to Blotky, roughly 1,600 of those sites are now using satellite delivery.

DCDC was founded by Warner Bros., Universal, Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Theatres and AMC Theatres.