Digital Movie Theater Tech Supplier GDC Launches "Netflix for Cinema"

Movie Theater Audience - H 2012
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Movie Theater Audience - H 2012

Digital cinema tech supplier GDC Technology has formed what it describes as a sort of “Netflix for cinema” — a new venture that aims to use crowdsourcing to help cinemas fill more seats and giving studios another way to monetize their content.

For consumers, GoGoCinema is a booking app though which movie fans can purchase tickets online. But more importantly, it allows users to effectively schedule a screening.

Here’s how it would work: A consumer would use the app to search for a movie that they want to see. It could be a recent pic such as Black Panther, or any film from a collection of genres including classics, docs, kids and faith-based content. Once they choose the movie, they select the time and day of their liking.

When the movie is “scheduled," anyone could purchase tickets via the GoGoCinema app. Alternatively, GDC said one could buy the auditorium for an event such as a kids birthday party or, in the case of Hollywood, to schedule additional screenings during awards season, should the studio or campaign wish to do so.

It’s a profit-sharing model between GDC, the content owners and exhibitors. According to GDC, the content owner would determine what films to make available through the app, thus providing the opportunity to generate some untapped revenue. And the exhibitor would determine what days, times and auditoriums to make available — as well as how many tickets must be sold and at what price in order to confirm the screening.

GDC said it is already talking with major content owners and exhibitors. GoGoCinema testing will soon start with select theaters and content, and is expected to launch during the third quarter.

The platform is enabled by GDC’s new Cinema Automation CA2.0, which provides automated management of a cinema including content storage, playback and scheduling. It is on display this week at CinemaCon in Las Vegas.