Pixar to Receive 3D Society Honor

 The "Monsters University" creators will be recognized Jan. 28 at the society's 5th annual Creative Arts Awards.
Valerie Macon/Getty Images
John Lasseter

Pixar Animation Studios will receive the International 3D & Advanced Imaging Society’s Sir Charles Wheatstone Award for creative excellence at the society's 5th annual Creative Arts Awards, to be held Jan. 28, 2014, at Warner Bros. Studios.

Said John Lasseter, chief creative officer of Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, in a statement: “In our films, story is the most important ingredient, and 3D is an incredible tool to help tell those stories; it builds emotion, lands a joke and expands a world. 3D truly helps us make our films great, and to receive this award from the International 3D Society is awesome in every dimension of the word.”

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Pixar’s Brave was honored by the society as 2012’s best animated 3D feature. The society also previously recognized the Pixar shorts Partly Cloudy, Day and Night and La Luna.

“John Lasseter and the Pixar team are at the very pinnacle of brilliant storytelling and flawless technical achievement, and most worthy of our highest honor,” said Tom Cosgrove, CEO of 3net Studios and co-chairman of the society.

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