Creative Arts Emmys: Carl Sagan's Widow Wins Emmy For 'Cosmos'

Sagan's widow Ann Druyan and Steven Soter were honored for writing
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Ann Druyan

Ann Druyan — co-writer of the 1980 PBS Cosmos series hosted by her late husband, Carl Sagan — won an Emmy for her passion project, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey.

Druyan, who recently led a charge to bring Cosmos back to the small screen, and Steven Soter shared the Emmy for writing the 13-part science series for the Fox and National Geographic television networks.

Accepting the award Saturday night at the Createve Arts Emmys, she thanked the 1,200-person team that created the series, especially director and executive producer Brannon Braga, executive producer Mitchell Cannold, executive producer Seth MacFarlane and "Carl Sagan, who lit the way for all of us."

Cosmos also won Emmys for score, main title music and sound editing.

The Hollywood Reporter recently conducted an interview with Druyan, which can be found here.

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