Roughly One-Third of U.S. Households Purchased Tech Devices Over Past Week, CTA Study Suggests

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Chesnot/Getty Images

Roughly a third of U.S. households have purchased tech devices over the past week to help them adjust to their lives during the coronavirus pandemic, suggests a new COVID-19 Impact Study on the Use of Technology at Home, released by the Consumer Technology Association.

These purchases included smartphones, followed by laptops, TVs, wireless earbuds/headphones and wired earbuds or headphones.

To no surprise, the survey found increasing use of streaming services, social media, TV viewing, online grocery delivery services and gaming, with a quarter (26 percent) of respondents saying they are using video streaming services such as Netflix for the first time.

Roughly half said they are using streaming services and watching live TV more often. And nearly one-third reported increased use of online gaming.

To stay connected with family and friends as well as informed about current events, 42 percent said they are using social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook more often. Half of respondents (53 percent) said they have used or are considering use of online grocery delivery services for social distancing.

The report was designed and formulated by CTA — the association that produces the annual CES Show — and represents findings from a study that was administered to an online sample of 1004 U.S. respondents and collected between March 20-22.