Digital Domain Releases New Demo Reel, Includes 'Ender's Game'

Clips also include a "47 Ronin" trailer and "Iron Man 3" -- as well as its classic work on "Titanic."
"Ender's Game"

VFX house Digital Domain has posted a new company demo reel on its website that includes clips from the trailer of upcoming Ender's Game, which Lionsgate will release on Nov. 1.

Digital Domain is a producing partner on Gavin Hood's sci-fi adventure, as well as the lead VFX house.

Clips from the trailer of upcoming 47 Ronin, the "barrel of monkeys" sequence from Iron Man 3 and DD's Oscar-winning work on Titanic and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button are also featured.

The reel includes DD's commercial, music video and games work, as well as virtual Tupac from 2012's Coachella.

You can check it out here.