London's Milk Will Create VFX for Next 'Doctor Who' Series

The visual effects company recently completed work on the BBC hit drama's 50th anniversary special.
The making of "Doctor Who's" 50th anniversary special.

Milk Visual Effects -- the company behind the VFX for the BBC’s Doctor Who 50th anniversary special, "Day of the Doctor" -- has been commissioned by the broadcaster to work on the eighth series of Doctor Who, starring new Doctor Peter Capaldi. The series goes into production in January.

Milk is currently working with the BBC to create the VFX for the one-hour Doctor Who Christmas special, "The Time of the Doctor," in which Matt Smith’s Doctor will regenerate into Capaldi’s incoming thirteenth Doctor.

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The company recently completed the bulk of the VFX on "The Day of the Doctor," which broke records on Nov. 23 when it drew an average audience of 10.2 million in the U.K., and was simulcast in 94 countries and in more than 1,500 cinemas across the world.

For the special, Milk produced 129 3D VFX shots, including CG environments, CG spacecrafts and the sequences featuring the Gallifreyan city of Arcadia.

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