DTS-HD Supported by Samsung TVs and Blu-ray Players

Best Buy CinemaNow enabled by Rovi will offer encoded content for streaming and download.

DTS-HD will be supported on newly-produced 2013 models of Samsung’s connected TVs and Blu-Ray players, and the encoded movies and TV shows will initially be available through the Best Buy CinemaNow app enabled by Rovi.

DTS-HD is an audio codec designed to enable streaming services to deliver content in 5.1 surround sound. “Consumers will now be able to get DTS-HD audio in surround and in stereo with the standard def and HD content downloaded and streamed through the CinemaNow service," said Brian Towne, COO and executive vp at DTS.

This is the first such announcement from DTS, which is aiming to expand the availability of DTS-HD through additional streaming and download services. An estimated 4000 movies and TV shows encoded in the format are expected to be available through CinemaNow at launch during Q2.

Plans are also in the works to make DTS-HD available as a firmware update to existing 2013 Samsung connected TVs.