Emmys: 'Smash' Nominees Hope to Create 'Bombshell' Charity Concert

Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman are nominated for the song "Hang the Moon."

Smash might have closed after its second season, but Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, Emmy nominated for outstanding music and lyrics for original song “Hang the Moon,” are looking to put some of the nearly 40 songs they wrote for the series to good use.

A subject of the series was a musical called Bombshell, about the life of Marilyn Monroe, and Shaiman told The Hollywood Reporter that at least one charity has expressed interest in creating a concert based on the songs. "A concert could feature the cast and additional performers from Broadway. That would be a wonderful way for the show to live on," he said. 

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The award-winning pair's music and lyrics also can be heard in Sam Mendes' London production of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which opened last month.

The nominated “Hang the Moon” was performed in the series by Bernadette Peters and Megan Hilty, and for Shaiman, recording the song was a “high point of my life. … they were a dream; they are just so talented."

In the series Hilty played Ivy Lynn, an actress who won the role of Monroe, and Peters played Ivy’s mother -- who also has the role of Monroe’s mother in Bombshell.

“We are very proud of this song with Bernadette and Megan,” said Wittman, noting that, like many of the songs in the series, the lyrics had to serve both the Smash story and the Bombshell story.

He added that he got a message Thursday morning from Hilty, who was thrilled about the nomination. “She got to sing ["Hang the Moon"] with her idol. She was very excited.”