'Game of Thrones' Leads Hollywood Post Alliance Awards Nominations

HPA feature nominees include 'Jurassic World,' 'Mad Max: Fury Road' and 'Birdman.'

Emmy champ Game of Thrones leads the nominations for this year's Hollywood Post Alliance Awards, with nods in all four TV categories, for color grading, editing, sound and visual effects.

Announced on Monday, the nominees also include best picture Oscar winner Birdman, which earned a trio of nominations, the most in the feature categories. Winners will be announced at the 10th annual HPA Awards, Nov. 12 at the Skirball Cultural Center.

The entry period for this awards competition runs from September to September, meaning that some of this year's awards contenders will compete with last season's nominees and winners.

Birdman was nominated for color grading, sound and VFX. In the latter, the VFX work of the team from Rodeo FX will square off against this summer's Jurassic World and Tomorrowland (both nominated teams are from Industrial Light & Magic) as well as last year's The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies (Weta) and Into the Woods (MPC).

Color-grading nominees includes Technicolor's Steven J. Scott for Birdman. Scott has five previous wins in the feature color-grading category.

In television Black Sails and Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways each earned a pair of nominations.

The complete list of nominees follows.

Outstanding Color Grading – Feature Film

Charles Boileau // Post-Moderne

"The Boxtrolls"

John Daro // FotoKem


Natasha Leonnet // Modern VideoFilm

"Lady of Csejte"

Keith Roush // Roush Media


Steven J. Scott // Technicolor

Outstanding Color Grading – Television

"Olive Kitteridge – Incoming Tide"

Pankaj Bajpai // Encore

"Boardwalk Empire – Golden Days for Boys and Girls"

John Crowley // Technicolor PostWorks NY

"Sense8 - What's Going On?"

Tony Dustin // Technicolor

"Game of Thrones – Hardhome”

Joe Finley // Chainsaw, Inc.

"Masters of Sex – A Parliament of Owls"

Matt Lear // Sony Pictures Television

Outstanding Color Grading – Commercial

Toyota – “Harrier"

Siggy Ferstl // Company 3

Lexus – “Face Off"

Dave Hussey // Company 3

Dodge – “Wisdom"

Beau Leon // Company 3

Lincoln – “Intro"

Tom Poole // Company 3

Caterpillar – “Lantern Festival"

Rob Sciarratta // Company 3

Outstanding Editing – Feature Film


Spencer Averick

“American Sniper”

Joel Cox, ACE; Gary Roach, ACE


Tom Cross, ACE

“The Imitation Game”

William Goldenberg, ACE


Lee Smith, ACE

Outstanding Editing – Television

“Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways – Austin”

Scott D. Hanson // Therapy Studios

“VICE on HBO– Cold War 2.0”

Rich Lowe

“Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways – Nashville”

Kristin McCasey // Therapy Studios

“House of Cards – Chapter 32”

Cindy Mollo, ACE // Netflix

“Game of Thrones – Hardhome”

Tim Porter // Beyond the Wall Productions, Inc.

Outstanding Editing – Commercial

Adidas – “Takers”

Steve Gandolfi // Cut+Run

Fiat – “Alive”

Kristin McCasey // Therapy Studio

Skullcandy– “Push Play”

Doobie White // Therapy Studios

GNP Seguros – “World Cup”

Doobie White // Therapy Studios

Google – “Young Together”

Miky Wolf // Big Sky Edit

Outstanding Sound– Feature Film


Richard King, Gary Rizzo, Gregg Landaker, Mark Weingarten // Warner Bros. Post Production Services

"Mad Max: Fury Road"

Mark Mangini, Scott Hecker, Chris Jenkins, Gregg Rudloff // Warner Bros. Post Production Services

"American Sniper"

Alan Murray, Tom Ozanich, John Reitz, Gregg Rudloff // Warner Bros. Post Production Services


Jon Taylor, Frank A. Montano, Martin Hernandez, Aaron Glascock // NBCUniversal StudioPost


Jon Taylor, Frank A. Montano, Becky Sullivan, Andrew DeCristofaro // NBCUniversal StudioPost

Outstanding Sound – Television

"Halt and Catch Fire– SETI"

Sue Cahill, Keith Rogers, Scott Weber, Jane Boegel, Mark Cleary, Kevin McCullough// NBCUniversal StudioPost

"Black Sails– XVIII"

Benjamin Cook, Stefan Hendrix, Jeffrey Pitts, Sue Cahill, Onnalee Blank, Matthew Waters// Starz

"Game of Thrones– Hardhome"

Tim Kimmel, Paula Fairfield, Bradley Katona, Paul Bercovitch, Onnalee Blank, Mathew Waters // Formosa Group

"Banshee– You Can't Hide from the Dead"

Bradley North, Joseph DeAngelis, Ken Kobett, Tiffany Griffith, David Werntz // Technicolor

"Homeland– Redux"

Nello Torri, Alan Decker // NBCUniversal StudioPost

Craig Dellinger // Sony Sound Services

Outstanding Sound – Commercial

Medicontour – “Bi-Flex 1.8"

Phil Bolland // Factory

The Syria Campaign – “In Reverse"

Jon Clarke // Factory

Honda – “The Other Side"

Tom Joyce, Anthony Moore // Factory

Volvo – “The Swell"

Aaron Reynolds // Wave Studios

Prada – “The Battlefield"

Miky Wolf // Big Sky Edit

Outstanding Visual Effects – Feature Film

"Jurassic World"

Tim Alexander, Glen McIntosh, Tony Plett, Kevin Martel, Martyn Culpitt // Industrial

Light & Magic


Craig Hammack, Eddie Pasquarello, Francois Lambert, Maia Kayser, Barry Williams // Industrial Light & Magic

"Into the Woods"

Matt Johnson, Christian Irles, Daniel Tarmy, Nicolas Chevallier, Benoit Dubuc // MPC


Ara Khanikian, Sebastien Moreau, Sebastien Francoeur, Patrick David, Laurent Spillemaecker // Rodeo FX

"The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies"

Joe Letteri, Eric Saindon, David Clayton, R. Christopher White, Matt Aitken // Weta Digital

Outstanding Visual Effects – Television

"Game of Thrones – The Dance of Dragons"

Joe Bauer, Steve Kullback, Derek Spears, Eric Carney, Jabbar Raisani // Fire and Blood Productions

"Ripper Street – Whitechapel Terminus"

Ed Bruce, Nicolas Murphy, John O'Connell, Joseph Courtis, Ronan Gantly // Screen Scene

"Marvel’s Agent Carter – Now Is Not The End"

Sheena Duggal, Richard Bluff, Jay Mehta, Chad Taylor, Cody Gramstad // Industrial Light & Magic

"Black Sails – XVIII"

Erik Henry // Starz

Ken Jones // Digital Domain

Nic Spier // Shade FX

Christina Spring, Bjorn Ahlstedt // Crazy Horse Effects

"The Flash – Grodd Lives"

Armen V. Kevorkian, Andranik Taranyan, Stefan Bredereck, Jason Shulman, Gevork Babityan // Encore VFX

Outstanding Visual Effects – Commercial

Shell – “Shapeshifter"

Russell Dodgson, Robert Herrington, Ahmed Gharraph, Rafael Camacho // Framestore UK

Pepsi – “Halftime Touches Down"

Chris Eckhardt, Michael Ralla // Framestore

General Electric – “Invention Donkey"

Seth Gollub, Theo Jones, Russell Miller, Raul Ortego // Framestore NY

"Game Of War – Decisions"

Benjamin Walsh, Brian Burke, Ian Holland, Brandon Nelson // Method Studios

Game Of War – “Time"

Benjamin Walsh, Brian Burke, Ian Holland, Chris Perkowitz // Method Studios