Google Glass 'Field Trip' App Now Available (Video)

The program that "turns you into a local" offers information on dining, shopping and other local venues based on the user's location.
Google Glass

Field Trip -- the free Google app that ";turns you into a local"; with info on dining, shopping, local music venues, and other history and culture -- is now available for Google Glass.

";We are really excited about bringing this experience to Google Glass because we designed the app with Google Glass in mind,"; John Hanke, vp product at Google';s Niantic Labs, told The Hollywood Reporter. ";It's great to have this information on your phone. But we are trying to tell you cool things about the world around you so we don't want you to walk around with your head buried in your phone. Google gives you that same information in a more heads-up way so you are getting that learning and benefit but with a more natural interface that Glass provides.";

The company is working with more than 130 publications and blogs to get that local information, which is broken up into pieces that appear on cards that pop up in the user's locations. The goal is effectively to capture the feeling of ";walking through a neighborhood with someone who knew it well, and [including] what they would point out to you.";

Hanke said it took a few months to adapt the app, which launched last year and is also available on Android and iOS devices, to Google Glass. But he added that this is because it was conceived with Google Glass in mind; other apps could be a more involved process.

See a demonstration of Field Trip for Google Glass below.