GoPro, USC School of Cinematic Arts Announce Partnership

Nick Woodman - H 2015

GoPro CEO Nick Woodman and USC School of Cinematic Arts Dean Elizabeth Daley announced a partnership during a presentation Thursday on the campus. "You are our filmmakers," Woodman said, receiving an enthusiastic welcome from students and guests. “We are turning people on to their creativity ... You can completely reinvent the industry."

Per the agreement between the micro-camera maker and SCA, GoPro will donate cameras and accessories to the film school, as well as begin workshops, education and one-on-one mentorships this fall. It also intends to showcase USC talent through its GoPro Awards, a new program aimed at growing its user community while sharing and providing monetary awards for their videos. "In addition to paying you for your content, we want to offer you promotion," Woodman said. "We can help you create your brand as a content creator."

GoPros are well known as action cameras, but Dean Daley noted that the affordable and lightweight camera is an important tool to allow students to experiment with storytelling. “I think we’ll see [GoPro cameras] used more and more in professional filmmaking,” she said. “We are looking forward to experimenting not only with what you can do with live-action filmmaking, but what you can do with them for virtual reality and augmented reality.”

Woodman commented that VR offers an interesting challenge to filmmakers because the viewer can look anywhere. "Imagine if Star Wars was shot in VR," he said. "You could watch it 200 times and still get a different story every time."

“The media landscape is changing so quickly, maybe [instead of feature films], you'll be pursuing next-gen content," GoPro senior vp entertainment Zander Lurie told the students.