'Gravity' Premiere: AMC Lincoln Square Debuts Dolby Atmos Sound System

The film received a separate mix for Dolby's immersive sound system.

AMC Lincoln Square will debut its new Dolby Atmos system Tuesday when it hosts the premiere of Warner Bros.’ Gravity.

An Atmos mix of Alfonso Cuarón’s thriller was specially created for theaters that support the immersive sound format. The team included supervising sound editor/sound designer Glenn Freemantle and re-recording mixer Skip Lievsay. The music was composed by Steven Price.

The Atmos mix takes “full advantage of the amazing nuance, spread and separation of the speakers on the ceiling and the total range of all the speakers in the room,” said Cuarón in a statement. “Just as 3D offers added visual dimension, Dolby Atmos creates a virtual reality of sound, which fully immerses the audience in the aural journey. There is no sound in space, so we incorporated music as an integral element of the movie. The music was composed and designed for a surround experience -- different harmonies emerging from the different speakers around the room, constantly moving, crashing and blending to create a dynamic experience.”