Hollywood Coalition Licensing Technology Aimed at Advancing Ultra HD

Hollywood Sign 3 - H - 2015

The Secure Content Storage Association released the licensing specification for its Vidity technology, which proponents see as important next step toward a 4K Ultra HD transition by offering consumers a “flexible” way to store, copy, play and share downloaded digital content across multiple enabled devices.

Vidity already has the backing of SCSA founders 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, SanDisk and Western Digital, along with a list of partners including Intel, LG, Comcast and Samsung.

The enabling technology (it’s not a distribution format) supports 4K Ultra HD as well as high dynamic range, and it is developed for playback and sharing, as well as to enable secure delivery of content. SCSA stated that Vidity is "complementary" to streaming entertainment platforms such as UltraViolet.

“The Vidity solution represents the collaboration of over 50 key industry leaders across the content, technology, device and security industries,” says David Huerta, general manager and executive director of SCSA. “Our founders and contributors are aligned in the goal of bringing the consumer the highest quality digital entertainment experience possible through the implementation of the Vidity specifications. We all look forward to Vidity-compliant products establishing a durable and future proof marketplace for consumers later this year.”

SCSA members Samsung, Fox, Seagate, Western Digital and MGO already have Vidity-compatible products available.

Companies that would need the Vidity spec to develop supported products and services include content publishers, storage manufacturers, retailers, service providers and device manufacturers.