Honors and Hires: 'All Is Lost' Cinematographer Frank DeMarco Signs With DDA

Also in the column: producers Keanu Reeves and Justin Szlasa create a film master of their feature doc "Side by Side."
Hazel DeMarco
Frank DeMarco

This Friday column includes news from members of the crafts and technology community.


Dattner Dispoto and Associates (DDA) has announced the following signings: Director of photography Frank DeMarco, who recently lensed All Is Lost; costume designer Meghan Kasperlik (Little Accidents, 99 Homes), who recently served as assistant costume designer on American Hustle; costume designer Patrik Milani (Forever); and directors of photography Mischa Lluch and Mark Bliss, both for commercials.


DDA announced that its client, director of photography Frank Perl, will work on episodes of Sleepy Hollow (2nd unit).


Producers Keanu Reeves and Justin Szlasa have chosen to create a film master of their feature documentary Side by Side on Kodak Vision3 color digital intermediate film 2254. The film element of the documentary, which explores the evolution of film and digital, will then be archived at the Academy Film Archive.

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