IBC: Disney Wants 'Fewer Complications' From New On-Set Workflows

AMSTERDAM -- Howard Lukk, Disney’s vp production technology, said that with the seemingly unlimited possibilities offered by digital technology, a big challenge now is that “every movie has a new workflow. Nothing seems consistent. ”

That scenario includes the fact that there’s a range of portable postproduction systems available that enable color work to be done on set, and productions are taking advantage of this to varying degrees.

But speaking on a panel during the International Broadcasting Convention, Lukk said Disney would prefer “fewer complications” by doing as little on set as possible. “We discourage a lot of color work on set,” he said, though acknowledging that it is currently a necessity to monitor color parameters. “[If in the future] we have good cameras with wider dynamic range, I don’t see a need for a DIT (Digital Imaging Technican) on set.”

Kate Morrison-Lyons, founder of U.K.-based Fluent Image, also discussed issues surrounding on-set color work. She said a plus is that one can convey an idea to the director, while a disadvantage is that it costs money and requires time.

Also, it has to be done right. “If you are making something different, you have to understand the consequences -- you’ll have to change it throughout the process. … and if  you can only create the look in dailies, then you have broken the image pipeline.”