IBC: 'House of Cards' Creator Talks Netflix, BBC and Emmys

House Of Cards Still - H 2015
Courtesy of Netflix

Noting that Hollywood talent such as Kevin Spacey and David Fincher have jumped to television, House of Cards creator Michael Dobbs commented that he has met more and more Hollywood insiders who believe “the future isn’t feature films, but the Golden age of television.”

Speaking in a keynote conversation at the International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) in Amsterdam, Dobbs also touched on new platforms and the BBC.

“The idea of the traditional broadcaster is gone. The BBC is already moving to the web,” he said, noting that he’s amazed at the new services he gets from the British broadcaster. “One of the criticisms of the BBC is that they having thrown themselves into [new platforms such as] the iPlayer. But the BBC needs to find new sources of revenue — they should take advantage of [these platforms], not just creatively but economically."

Added Dobbs: "Consumers are willing to pay a sum of money for great quality television."

On Netflix’s House of Cards, Dobbs admitted that he didn’t expect to be involved when Netflix came to him about the series, but it wanted his participation and made him an executive producer.

“I hate to say this, but it’s been the happiest experience of my life and the opposite of what I expected from Hollywood treatment,” he said. “I expected [the agreement] to be our last contact, but far from it. They said ‘we want you to stay and be part of the family.’ ”

Looking ahead to the Emmys, Dobbs commented, “House of Cards is up for Emmys, but look what up against— Mad Men, Downton Abbey. Look at the quality. I hope it wins but if it don't [it would be to another quality program.]”