IBC: Mistika Manufacturer SGO Takes Aim at Compositing Market

SGO is the maker of the Mistika finishing system used for the high frame rate postproduction of "The Hobbit."

AMSTERDAM -- SGO, which makes the Mistika finishing system used by Peter Jackson’s Park Road Post for the high frame rate postproduction of The Hobbit, is taking aim at the compositing market, targeting companies such as Adobe, Autodesk and The Foundry.

This week at IBC, SGO is introducing Mamba FX, a new compositing software. It's available for pre-order at an introductory rate of $299, which includes access to the application during the beta-phase. It's slated to be released later in the year; final pricing was not revealed.

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According to SGO, the system includes tools for keying, tracking, painting and restoration. It also supports OFX-compliant plug-ins. Mamba FX can include SGO’s Stereo 3D and DCP Creation tools for an added cost.

The manufacturer also said Mamba FX can be used with its Mistika systems, which provide the conforming, finishing, grading and client review tools while Mamba FX systems can share Mistika's storage and file system.

The Mistika post system is currently shortlisted for an IBC Innovation Award as part of Park Road Post’s high frame rate postproduction workflow. The winners will be announced Sunday during the IBC Awards ceremony.

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