Interactive Moviemaking Technology to Be Unveiled in July in Hollywood

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Shane Gritzinger/Getty Images

A new technology is being developed with an aim of allowing filmmakers to create participative, "choose-your-own-adventure" type motion pictures, and for studios and independent film companies to distribute them to movie theaters, TVs or mobile devices. It will be introduced next month during the AT&T Developer Program’s Shape conference at Warner Bros.

The technology's developer, Zurich-based CtrlMovie, has also teamed up with Los Angeles-based Silvatar Media, a production company headed by Scott C. Silver and Chady Eli Mattar, to form Kino Industries. This new company will oversee production of CtrlMovie interactive and traditional content, both on its own or in collaboration with studios and independent film companies.

Its first production, a proof of concept CtrlMovie film titled Late Shift, was written and directed by Tobias Weber, who also developed the technology and heads CtrlMovie. According to Kino, which plans to debut the film at the AT&T Shape conference, Late Shift is being developed to allow the audience to determine the course of action that the film takes via 180 decision points within a total of four hours of material, which then lead up to one of seven potential climaxes.

The company reported that in addition to theatrical release, these titles could be distributed on select platforms, including certain smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), Apple TV, PS4 and Xbox.