Jeffrey Katzenberg to Receive Harold Lloyd Award From 3D and Advanced Imaging Society

Jeffrey Katzenberg - H 2013
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Jeffrey Katzenberg - H 2013

Jeffrey Katzenberg will receive the International 3D and Advanced Imaging Society's Harold Lloyd Award for commitment to quality 3D production during its annual Creative Arts Awards, held Jan. 28 at Warner Bros. Studios.

DreamWorks Animation's chief executive made huge contributions to educating Hollywood about the potential of quality 3D storytelling, leading his studio's 3D strategy and creation of such well-regarded features as Oscar nominees The Croods and How to Train Your Dragon.

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"Jeffrey Katzenberg's dedication to his craft and his unparalleled legacy of groundbreaking 3D moviemaking at DreamWorks Animation make him uniquely deserving of this special award recognition," says president and CEO of 3net and 3net Studios Tom Cosgrove, who also serves as society co-chairman.

Suzanne Lloyd, chairman of Harold Lloyd Entertainment, added that the actor, filmmaker and 3D advocate "saw filmmaking as a creative and technical achievement. He understood his audiences and was passionate about serving them. Jeffrey Katzenberg's work is the embodiment of what Harold believed to be important in this craft."

Martin Scorsese, James Cameron and Ang Lee have previously received the Harold Lloyd Award.

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