Kaleidescape Unwraps $3,995 Home Theater Player

Customers can download movies from the Kaleidescape Store.

Kaleidescape is unwrapping a high-end home theater server system for a pricey $3,995, which lets filmmakers or consumers with large movie collections store and access up to 100 Blu-ray or 600 DVD-quality movies.

Cinema One is actually a more accessible version of its existing high-end model, now called the “Premiere” line, which lists for a whopping $14,000 and requires custom installation. With this new version, Kaleidescape is bringing its technology to the retail market.

Cinema One is a browsable device that lets viewers watch their Blu-ray and DVD movies without the previews, menus or ads. A second system can be added to double the storage capacity and enable viewing of the combined library on a second television.

Asked if with this capacity it would support 4K (Ultra HD, which is four times the resolution of today's HD) movies, the company said it would not, though It didn't rule it out as a possibility further down the road.

Customers can download movies directly from the Kaleidescape Store. Downloads include special features, audio tracks and extra content.