'Lone Survivor' Gave Deluxe's On-Location Mobile Unit a Test Drive

Director of photography Tobias Schliessler used the trailer in New Mexico.
Courtesy of EC3

In lensing Universal’s Oscar hopeful Lone Survivor, director of photography Tobias Schliessler gave a test drive to Deluxe’s EC3 (a joint effort of Company 3 and Efilm) on-location services trailer.

The 40-foot trailer is a repurposed Star Waggon that is designed to go to locations with digital dailies, color grading and other production and post services, as well as a screening environment (pictured above).

Today it’s fairly standard for a feature post facility to offer location-based post services, but EC3’s director of digital workflow, Dylan Carter, aims to differentiate this one by calling it a “no-compromises version. … We are not taking a piece of the facility; we have re-built a facility, that moves.”

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Deluxe parked the trailer in front of the American Society of Cinematographers (ASC) Clubhouse in Hollywood Wednesday night, hosting a dinner and providing tours for cinematographers.

Schliessler was on hand and told The Hollywood Reporter that he worked in the trailer with colorist Adrian Delude while he was shooting Lone Survivor in remote locations in New Mexico. “It was right at base camp, so I could come in [during the day] and see [the footage]. It was extremely valuable to me. I could make adjustments even from what I shot that morning, and then in the afternoon. ...  To watch on a big screen is so much better than watching on iPads," he said.

Director of photography Newton Thomas Sigel also tried out the EC3 trailer during production of his upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past.

A shared venture with Star Waggon, the EC3 trailer can be configured with a range of dailies, color grading and related tools as well as a seven-foot screen and Christie projector for viewing 2D or 3D material. The trailer itself can be rented to $2,000 a week, but the cost is quite a bit more once you add the rental of all the equipment, including the projector (as well as a colorist or other staff).

EC3 currently has two trailers available in North America. It plans to grow that number as needed.

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