Marvel Addressing Gender Inequality, Says Studio Exec VP

"Hopefully we can make a balanced Hollywood for the next generation," said Victoria Alonso, Monday at SMPTE.
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Victoria Alonso

Saying that a “conscious change” is happening at Marvel Studios, its executive vp physical production, Victoria Alonso, said the studio is working to bring more women to its ranks. “Led by [president of production] Kevin Feige and [co-president] Louis D’Esposito, we are determined to make change."

On Monday at a Women in Technology luncheon, presented by the Hollywood Professional Association's Women in Post and the Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers, Alonso spoke briefly of Marvel's effort in the context of urging Hollywood to address gender inequality. “We have had gender inequality for some time. It wasn't always talked about ....  In the past year, it bubbled up and it's no longer acceptable to women and some men," she said "Change is needed and hopefully we can make a balanced Hollywood for the next generation.

“I don’t want to be the only [woman]  in the room,” Alonso added. “Our rooms should be 50/50. If any of you — men or women — can lift [women] up, we’ll all be better for it.”

To the men at the luncheon, Alonso said, “You are important change makers. When you wonderful men say 'balance is necessary'…you open that door and the product is going to be better [with varied perspectives]."

The luncheon was held in conjunction with SMPTE's annual conference, this week at Hollywood & Highland.