MediaMation Grows 4D Cinema Footprint In Latin America

Cine Columbia and Cinemex are adding new 4D theaters.
Courtesy of MediaMation

Torrance, Calif.-headquartered MediaMation is installing four new MX4D motion EFX theaters in Colombia and Mexico, growing its footprint in Latin America.

The company’s 4D cinema system includes moving seats, air/water blasts, fog and other special effects, programmed to sync with the action on the screen and sounds in the theater.

The two upcoming Colombian theaters — slated for installation by the end of January — will be for Cine Colombia, the country’s largest entertainment company and located in the capital city of Bogota.

Additionally, Cinemex has commissioned two 262-seat theaters to be delivered in January in as yet to be determined Mexican cities. Cinemex already has 12 MX4D theaters in eight Mexican cities, including Mexico City, Monterrey and Guadalajara.

Cine Colombia already maintains five MX4D theaters in four cities: Bogota, Barranquilla, Villavicencio and Cali. The two new installations will be a 180-seat auditorium, for the chain’s Titan Theatre, and a 208-seat project, slated for its Americas theatre. Both will include MediaMation’s patent-pending arm-rest EFX technology, which allows scents, wind, air blasts, fog and other special effects to emanate from each patron’s individual seat arm rest.

“We believe that the 4D format will be essential now to every blockbuster film, and studios will be developing some of their films with the immersive experience in mind," Javier Reyes, film programming manager for Cinemex, said in a statement. "Within the two years we’ve been working with MediaMation’s MX4D format, we’ve reached higher revenue shares for the films with the format."