Mels Launches Virtual Production Stage in Montreal

Montreal skyline


Mels Studios and Postproduction in Montreal is introducing a virtual stage with an LED wall to support the growing interest in virtual production.

This technique--which broadly refers to visual effects work done in real time on set--has been growing in popularity during the pandemic, as it offers the potential to reduce travel while working with a smaller crew which could help to facilitate physical distancing.

Mels' virtual stage was completed in six weeks, in collaboration with technology providers Solotech, which supplied the LED screens, and Fortnite creator Epic Games, maker of the real-time Unreal Engine. Leading camera maker ARRI consulted on the project while contributing its Alexa cameras, remote heads, wireless communications tools, and Signature Prime lenses.

“2020 was a challenging year for everyone but we also saw it as an opportunity [for new projects such as the virtual stage],” says Mels president Martin Carrier.

"It addresses the needs of many customers and industry partners, while supporting compliance with current physical distancing rules," adds Solotech senior vp sales Richard Lafortune of the new stage.

Mels is a part of Quebecor Media Group subsidiary TVA Group.