Michael Apted Directing 4K Documentary About Canon Optics

Issue 5 FEA Awards Michael Apted - H 2013
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Issue 5 FEA Awards Michael Apted - H 2013

TOKYO – Canon has commissioned director Michael Apted to film a 4K documentary about the making of Canon Optics, which is currently in production.

The company previewed an unfinished clip to a small group of journalists, including myself, at its Tokyo headquarters. The documentary is being lensed by director of photography Maryse Alberti with Canon’s Cinema EOS C500 camera and Canon lenses. Apted, whose credits include the James Bond film The World Is Not Enough and the Up series of documentaries, introduced the preview via a videotaped message, during which he described the story as the “journey of a lens from [development at] the factory to the best photographers in the world.”

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Plans are to debut the documentary in 2014, though details have not yet been determined. According to a Canon representative, Apted will make distribution decisions, which might include film festivals.

The clip included interviews with Canon artisans who make lenses, as well as professional photographers.

The documentary is being filmed in various locations including London, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The doc will also include a look at the Canon lens that was developed for the Subaru telescope on the Big Island of Hawaii.

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