Michael Cioni Joins Frame.io With Cloud Initiative

Michael Cioni - Courtesy of Frame.io - Publicity H 2019
Courtesy of Frame.io

Industry vet Michael Cioni recently joined production tech developer Frame.io as senior vp global innovation and is starting to talk about his first initiative.

He arrives from Panavision, which he joined after it acquired postproduction house Light Iron in 2015. Cioni co-founded Light Iron and served as its president and CEO. While at Panavision, Cioni served as senior vp innovation and product director of its Millennium DXL 8K camera system.

At Frame.io, Cioni is leading a new Los Angeles-based division focused on the company's cloud-based workflows for motion pictures and television — specifically, automated camera-to-edit room technology.

"Frame.io is not only looking to strengthen today’s use of the cloud, we’re also driving increased creative control by reducing the time it takes for media to reach editors in offsite cutting rooms," says Cioni.

"A robust camera-to-cloud approach means filmmakers will have greater access to their work, greater control of their content and greater speed with which to make key decisions," he adds.

Frame.io also uses the cloud for services such as dailies and collaborative review and approval.