Million Stories Media Launches With Advice on Money Management Amid COVID-19

Richard Sherman - Twitter - H - 2016

Following a soft launch, nonprofit Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship is marking the roll out of Million Stories Media, its free digital channel that aims to use entertainment to explain various aspects of money management. It was initially aimed at millennials to give them financial knowledge, however amid COVID-19, its team believes it can help people of all ages navigate their finances in this uncertain time. The team additionally created new Instagram content aimed at life during the pandemic.

“Storytelling has a profound impact on our hearts and minds. Million Stories Media is all about breaking the taboo of talking about money and learning to think like an entrepreneur” said Singleton Foundation CEO and Disney alum Shelley Miles. “We want people to take action and learn the skills they need to manage their financial futures actively and with confidence, which is more critical than ever in these turbulent times.”

The channel’s series includes Faceplant, which examines at how we learn and grow from failures, through the stories of guests such as Peter Ramsey, Oscar winner for Spider-Man: Into the Spider-verse and the first black Academy Award winner in the feature animation category. Adulting with Richard Sherman features the San Francisco 49ers star coaching young people through financial decisions. American Paycheck offers biographical stories of millennials, while Milk Money looks at financial issues surrounding parenthood.

Related Instagram content includes COVID Chats, profiling guests from diverse geographic and socioeconomic backgrounds who share their personal experiences during the pandemic. Another is Heads or Tails, in which The Circle’s Joey Sasso and guests answer questions about money, employment and health (a second 12-episode “season” of this series is already planned). According to the Singleton Foundation,