NAB: Vince Pace Says Glasses-Free 3D 'Makes Business Sense'

3D is going through a development cycle, according to the Cameron|Pace co-chair.
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James Cameron, left, and Vince Pace

LAS VEGAS – James Cameron's 2011 prediction that the future of broadcast is 3D hasn't yet come to pass, but Vince Pace, Cameron's partner in the Cameron|Pace Group, argued Wednesday at the NAB Show that the prediction still holds, and glasses-free 3D may hasten its arrival.

"It’s just going through a development cycle to the point when you can sit on a couch and watch without glasses,“ Pace said. “Autostereo [glasses-free 3D] is a model that works. The technology should not be looked at as a white elephant. It makes business sense.”

CPG said Tuesday that it will integrate the Dolby 3D glasses-free 3D format into its CPG 3D production workflow. Co-developed by Dolby and Philips, the Dolby 3D format is being introduced to support the creation, delivery and playback of glasses-free 3D content on TVs, smartphones, tablets or other mobile devices.

Cameron made headlines at NAB in April 2011 by launching CPG and by boldly declaring that broadcasting held the key to the future of 3D development.

CPG itself was predicated on introducing 3D technologies that would make it much easier and more profitable to produce 3D TV content. The company exhibited at NAB last year, but both it and rival 3Ality Digital have considerably downsized their presence this time around.

“It’s a business,” Pace replied. “Part of it is timing, letting technology and engineers do their part. We waited for the Avatar experience to be realized and we continue to move toward the day when the broadcast experience is realized, except that some of these technology barriers need to disappear."