NAB: William Goldenberg on Oscar-Winning Work with Ben Affleck, Kathryn Bigelow (Video)

William Goldenberg -- who won an Oscar in February for editing Argo and earned a second nomination as co-editor of Zero Dark Thirty -- talked about his experiences working with Ben Affleck and Kathryn Bigelow in advance of participating in an NAB panel, produced in partnership with American Cinema Editors.

Goldenberg told THR that Affleck is an accomplished Avid editor -- "he has an Avid machine in his house" -- and that the Oscar-winning producer actually edited one of the movie's climactic scenes himself:

"He knows how to work the Avid, he's technically savvy," Goldenberg said of Affleck. "When he and Bryan Cranston basically go in and get permission for the rescue... he cut that himself." 

Goldenberg also recalled his experiences with Bigelow, producer Mark Boal and the making of Zero Dark Thirty.

"This year I worked with two directors who get editing and let you do your job. With Ben and Kathryn, they really want you to contribute," he said. "She basically said 'You're the editor. Edit the movie.'" 

Wednesday's panel also includes Jay Cassidy (Silver Linings Playbook), Dan Lebental (Iron Man), Heidi Scharfe (Red Shoe Diaries), Norman Hollyn (Wild Palms), and Stephen Rivkin (Avatar).