NAB's Gordon Smith Says It's Time to Allow Joe Biden "The Chance to Bind Our Nation Back Together"

NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith - Getty - H 2020
Ethan Miller/Getty Images

NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith

National Association of Broadcasters president and CEO Gordon Smith released a statement on Saturday, congratulating Joe Biden while adding "with due respect to President Trump’s rights to judicial review of election results, it is time to acknowledge the election of Joe Biden and to allow him the chance to bind our nation back together.”

Smith, who previously served two terms as a Republican Senator from Oregon, noted that it has been "clear for days" that Biden has been on track to win the popular vote and it is "decisive" that he has surpassed 270 electoral college votes.

Recalling his time in the Senate, during which he served with Biden, Smith wrote, " I know Joe. I know his patriotic love for his country and of his good heart for all his countrymen. ... Working together on the Foreign Relations Committee, we routinely bridged the partisan divide to achieve important legislative accomplishments."

On a personal note, Smith added that "during a time of personal tragedy for my family, when we lost our son Garrett, Joe was a source of support and solace. Because he too knew the pain of losing a child, he gave to me a steady, brotherly shoulder to lean on. Joe is a healer, the consoler-in-chief our nation has elected."

Smith also released a video on Saturday, discussing issues facing broadcasters while promising to continuing to give them a voice. He said this would include working with lawmakers to secure additional COVID relief for the industry. He added, "I know that I'm going to have the chance to make NAB's case to the President-Elect, when and if that should become necessary on the great issues that will be affecting us at the FCC and of course on Capitol Hill."