Nokia Names Trio of Reseller and Rental Partners for OZO Virtual Reality Camera

360_Camera_Ball_Nokia - H 2015
Courtesy of Nokia Technologies

360_Camera_Ball_Nokia - H 2015

Nokia Technologies’ new OZO virtual reality camera, designed for professionals, is now available for resale or rental in North America through AbelCine, OffHollywood and Radiant Images.

Launched in November, the camera is also available directly from Nokia. It's aimed at Hollywood filmmakers as well as areas including new media and interactive content development, with features including real-time VR preview and 3D 360° spatial audio and video capture.

“AbelCine, OffHollywood, and Radiant Images are vital to helping OZO reach the professional VR creation audience,” Guido Voltolina, Nokia’s head of presence capture, said in a statement. “We have carefully selected these first three partners because of their expertise in the space, their relationships with our core customers and their affinity with our vision for VR. We look forward to partnering with them to connect creators with OZO.”

AbelCine is headquartered in New York, with bases in Burbank and Chicago; OffHollywood is located in Brooklyn, N.Y.; and Radiant Images is in Los Angeles.