Oculus Connect 3: Baobab Studios Debuts Second Episode of Virtual Reality Short 'Invasion!'

Asteroids - Still - H - 2016
Baobab Studios

The second episode of Baobab Studios’ animated virtual reality short Invasion! — whose characters and story will be the subject of an upcoming animated feature — is debuting Thursday at the Oculus Connect 3 VR developers conference in San Jose and is now available in the Gear VR store.

Again helmed by Madagascar director and Baobab co-founder Eric Darnell, Asteroids! is the continuing story of two bumbling aliens, Mac and Cheez, who are now on a dangerous mission, venturing into an asteroid field in outer space with two playful robot sidekicks.

While Hollywood has already produced virtual reality experiences based on theatrical features, Roth Kirschenbaum Films and VR startup Baobab announced in late September that they would take the opposite approach, teaming up to create a theatrical feature based on Invasion!.

The details for the feature production are still being discussed, and It hasn't yet been determined who will write and direct.