Oscars: 'Dunkirk' Lands Sound Editing, Mixing Academy Awards

The sound editors and mixers that put viewers on the beach, in the air and at sea in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk each won Academy Awards on Sunday night.

That included a career-capping fourth Oscar for rerecording mixer Gregg Landaker, who won his first for The Empire Strikes Back and also won Oscars for Raiders of the Lost Ark and Speed. Backstage, Landaker said, “this film didn’t end my career but I decided to put a period on it. This was my 207 feature film, ninth nomination and fourth win. Chris [Nolan] has always encouraged me to reach further into our craft of mixing a film."

It was also the fourth Oscar for supervising sound editor and designer Richard King, who previously won for The Dark Knight, Inception and Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World.

Landaker, rerecording mixer Gary A. Rizzo (who previously won an Oscar for Inception) and production sound mixer Mark Weingarten received the awards in the sound mixing category, while King and supervising music editor Alex Gibson earned Oscars for sound editing.

Gibson called his Oscar "historic," explaining “a music editor, they don’t get awards. I think one person was nominated years ago but I’m now the first one to win. It’s because of the intensity of the work I did and how it wove with what Richard King did. And a lot of love.”

Read the full speeches, below.

Richard King and Alex Gibson, Best Sound Editing:

King: Thank you. I'd like to thank the Academy, to my awesome crew in Burbank, all my friends and colleagues at Warner Bros. Chris and Emma, wherever you are. Thank you for including me in this amazing trip. It was an amazing film about an amazing event. Thank you. And all my love to my wife Sue and my son Sam, and thank you for putting up with me prattling on about stupid sirens for months.

Gibson: Hello, I'd like to thank the Academy for including me in this nomination. It’s historic, and I think music editors and I are very grateful. And that's it. I guess I'm done.

Gregg Landaker, Gary A. Rizzo and Mark Weingarten, Best Sound Mixing:

Landaker: I'd like to thank the ladies and gentlemen of the Academy of Arts and Sciences. Thank you so much for bestowing this great honor upon this sound crew for Dunkirk. To my support team, Catherine Landaker, I love you. To my cheerleading squad, Cary Cashman, Jim, Grace and Jake. To two gentlemen that bookend my career: Don Rogers, giving me flight, and to Kim Wa for giving me a safe landing. To Christopher Nolan, that entrusted us, encouraged us to try to make a difference in a soundtrack. Thank you so much.

Weingarten: Nancy and Oliver, I love you. Chris Nolan, thank you for making such a great movie that everybody saw it and got to hear our work. Thank you everybody, and thank you Academy.

Rizzo: To my daughters, Luciana and Devin, I love you. Hang on to your dreams, they are so, so valuable. And to everybody at Full Sail University and my family way up there somewhere, I don't know. I love you. I love you so much.