Oscars: How Steve Carell Transformed His Look for 'Foxcatcher'

And other secrets from this year's nominated hair and makeup artists.
Scott Garfield

This story first appeared in the Feb. 13 issue of The Hollywood Reporter magazine.

The Grand Budapest Hotel
Frances Hannon and Mark Coulier

"Madame D. [Tilda Swinton] needed an elegant but aged appearance. Her hairstyle had to be a throwback to the past, Edwardian but moving into the '30s, and it needed to be opulent," says Hannon.

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Guardians of the Galaxy
Elizabeth Yianni-Georgiou and David White

Yondu (Michael Rooker) has skin that is deep sea blue/green, consisting of "three different base colors, which were airbrushed on in layers," says Yianni-Georgiou.

Bill Corso and Dennis Liddiard

Says Corso of transforming Steve Carell into John du Pont: "I used a prosthetic that covered his eyebrows. Then I put pale, thin eyebrows on him," as well as nose and lip prosthetics.