Panasonic Unveils VariCam LT Compact 4K Camera

Panasonnic VariCam LT H 2016
Courtesy of Panasonic

Panasonic is aiming to extend its reach into television production and indie filmmaking with a new addition to its VariCam 4K camcorder line, which was unveiled Wednesday evening before several hundred guests at the DGA Theatre. The VariCam LT offers the same Super 35 sensor as the VariCam 35 but with a compact body weighing just six pounds.

The company is positioning the new model for uses including series television, documentaries and indie filmmaking, either as the main camera or a B-camera for use on a Steadicam, drone or the like. It will be available in March with a list price of $18,000, body only; or $24,000, body plus viewfinder.

It offers up to 4K resolution, variable frame rates, 14 stops of dynamic range, new dual native ISOs of 800/5000, multiple recording options, workflow tools and an EF lens mount with optional PL lens mount.

Cinematographer Dejan Georgevich helped Panasonic launch the Varicam LT, introducing a five-minute narrative that he photographed with the new camera. It demonstrated the cameras capabilities in a range of conditions with scenes shot on location in New York, in the Lincoln Tunnel, interiors in a gym, as well as at the Sandy Hook Lighthouse in New Jersey.