'Paperman' Director to Helm VR Project for Google Spotlight Stories (Exclusive)

John Kahrs - Director - Paperman - P 2012

Director John Kahrs, who won an Oscar for Disney’s 2012 romantic black-and white animated short Paperman, has signed on to helm the next virtual reality project through Google Spotlight Stories.

Production on the short — details of which were not disclosed — is getting underway at Chromosphere, a Los Angeles-based boutique design and animation studio headed by Kevin Dart.

Producers are Gennie Rim, who previously produced Glen Keane’s duet for Google Spotlight Stories as well as Kahr’s previous short, June, which was created for Lyft; and David Eisenmann, who previously produced Oscar-nominated Pearl for Google Spotlight Stories. Executive producers are Karen Dufilho, Rachid El Guerrab and Jan Pinkava for Google Spotlight Stories.

“The Google Spotlight Stories group has created an impressive repertoire of VR shorts. And they are all completely different from each other — that shows me they are focused not on a house style, but instead on completely supporting each director's vision,” said Kahrs. “VR is a tricky medium — something I've been watching carefully for some time now. I can't think of a better group than Spotlight Stories to partner with.”

Google Spotlight Stories' productions include the upcoming Son of Jaguar, from Book of Life helmer Jorge Gutierrez, and Sonaria, from director Scot Stafford and Chromosphere. These projects and filmmakers will be featured during a panel this week at the CG confab SIGGRAPH.