PayRoll Technology Enables E-Commerce While Viewing Programs

Created by startup New Antics, the technology is designed for use with content on desktops or tablets.

Privately owned Hollywood startup New Antics is rolling out its first product, PayRoll, aimed at enabling e-commerce while viewing programming or advertising on a desktop or tablet.

Based on patent-pending technology that is now in beta, PayRoll is described by the company as an interactive video overlay that enables user interaction during video playback. For instance, viewers could enter contact information, get additional product information, fill out surveys or make product purchases. All interactions would transpire directly on the video content without taking viewers to another site.

“The current online video advertising model is based on the limitations of the TV experience,” said managing director CJ Bruce, who co-founded the company with a team including industry veteran and CEO Bruce Long. “Today’s technology allows for a more interactive and symbiotic relationship between content creators, viewers and advertisers, and it’s time to take advantage of that.”

Further out, the company plans to extend PayRoll's capability to smart TVs.