Pinewood Atlanta Studios Introduces Virtual Production Capabilities

Pinewood Atlanta Studios' LED Process Stage
Courtesy of Pinewood Atlanta Studios

Pinewood Atlanta Studios is introducing an LED-equipped stage for virtual production, in partnership with MBSi, the innovation arm of MBS Equipment Company; technical services provider Fuse Technical Group; and staging and rigging design firm SGPS/ShowRig.

Based on LED wall technology used for production of The Mandalorian, the gear could be transferred to any stage on the 700-acre Atlanta lot. By fall of 2021, the technology will expand to a permanent stage installation in Pinewood Atlanta’s recently announced phase IV facilities, with a capacity of up to three cameras, according to Pinewood.

"LED virtual production technology offers tremendous opportunities for filmmakers; whether it’s car process work, live set extensions or interactive lighting effects," cinematographer Erik Messerschmidt, who is currently Emmy-nominated for his work on Mindhunter, said in a released statement. "This particular technique is valuable in the age of COVID, when insert cars and extensive location work are compromised or otherwise impossible."

Reported MBSi's Jeffrey P. Soderberg, "We’ve already utilized nascent iterations of this stage for major studios on some of the most cinematically compelling projects, and we’re happy to now offer it to a broader group of filmmakers through this joint venture."