Producers’ Health Benefits Plan Unwraps Relief Package for Advertising Production Industry

Times Square March 23 2020

The Association of Independent Commercial Producers' (AICP) Producers Health Benefits Plan (PHBP) has unwrapped a relief package for the advertising production industry that has seen commercial shoots and related work postponed or cancelled since the start of the coronavirus outbreak.

It is aimed at assisting the industry trade group's member companies' staff and freelance employees. PHBP, founded through support from AICP, covers approximately 4,000 workers and their families, with over 200 participating employers.

The package include additional support for freelancers: "All qualification periods will be extended three months.This effectively extends coverage for three months for all currently covered freelancers to prevent a lapse in coverage. Additionally, all recurring monthly fees will be waived for this period, including premium co-shares for dependent coverage."

The announcement also outlined measures that allow furloughed or laid off covered staff employees to remain on their employer’s staff coverage through May 31; allow currently covered full-time employee whose hours are reduced to part-time status with the same employer to remain on their employer’s staff coverage through June; and provide a discount on COBRA costs.