Projector-Maker Christie Unwraps Commercial UV Disinfection Products for Indoor Cinemas

Movie Theater
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Aiming to help make patrons more comfortable about returning to theaters and other indoor spaces, projector-maker Christie introduced a line of commercial UV disinfection products with patented far-UVC light technology for cinemas, theme parks, museums and other venues.

The "CounterAct" fixture uses Christie parent company Ushio’s Care222 excimer lamps, that emit far-UVC 222nm light, which the company says have been found to "continuously and significantly reduce pathogens, like coronaviruses, that may also be used while people are present, when used in accordance with specified parameters."

Mass production of the CounterAct tech is scheduled to start in January.

"We hope to provide a much-needed boost to our partners across the entertainment industry who are currently struggling to attract wary customers.” said Christie president/COO Zoran Veselic in a released statement. "We are very proud to be able to offer this product with Ushio’s Care222 technology to our partners, and we are excited about the possibilities the technology will have in bringing customers back to the places they love, such as movie theaters and theme parks."