Red Camera Maker Enters Smartphone Business

Hydrogen One Phone - Publicity - H 2017
Courtesy of Red

The Red camera company is getting into the smartphone business.

On Thursday morning it announced on its website the Hydrogen One, a smartphone that operates on Android OS, with an “Aluminum” model priced at $1,195 and “Titanium” model for $1,595.

Since Red makes professional digital cinema cameras — recently used on Guardians of the Galaxy 2 — the company cleverly reported that the Hydrogen device would “integrate into the professional Red camera program, working together with Scarlet, Epic and Weapon as a user interface and monitor.”

Details are sketchy for now. On the website, Red claims that you could use the device to view 2D or 3D content, as well as virtual, augmented and mixed reality. It also claims to support “holographic” 4-view content, though different manufacturers use that term to mean different things.

Red also said it would offer multi-dimensional audio via a proprietary algorithm. The target for availability is early 2018.