Roland Emmerich Launches Virtual Reality Firm

The director of 'Independence Day' will serve as chairman of VRenetic.
JB Lacroix/WireImage
Roland Emmerich

Roland Emmerich — best known as the director of films including Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow — is entering the virtual reality technology arena with the launch of VRenetic.

Emmerich, who will serve as chairman, co-founded the company with producer Marco Weber (Unthinkable, The Thirteenth Floor), who will operate as CEO.

According to today's announcement, VRenetic’s debut product, VResh, has been developed to let users share real-time 360-degree video by combining a free broadcasting and viewing application with mobile cameras and proprietary headsets.

"Sure, the hardware for professional 360-degree content streaming already exists, but it’s totally inaccessible to young, cost-conscious users," said Emmerich in a statement. "The VResh platform unlocks all of that, and more. Users will have 4K 360-degree VR streaming capabilities paired with real-time two-way audio, which does wonders to socialize and personalize what has thus far been a solitary, tethered-to-a-computer kind of experience."

VResh is scheduled to launch later this year. It's also the first app to run on the company's VRenetic Media Engine. Additional apps, developed by VRenetic or third parties, will later have access to this platform, according to the company.