SIGGRAPH: AMD Studios Opens in Hollywood

A second office will be launched in London.
Shane Gritzinger/Getty Images

On Sunday night at the CG confab SIGGRAPH, AMD held a customer event at The Novo in downtown Los Angeles, during which it showed off its latest processing technologies and introduced AMD Studios, a new facility based in Hollywood.

AMD Studios was created to work with filmmakers and technology developers to create bespoke processing systems for film, TV, virtual reality and augmented reality production, in areas including editing and rendering.

AMD Studios will be led by AMD’s corporate vp alliances Roy Taylor. It has brought on production vet James Knight as virtual production director, responsible for going on set and working with filmmakers to develop custom technology systems. Robin Prybil joins from Weta Digital and is responsible for content-related relationships.

Emphasizing that technology development is critical as Hollywood races forward, Taylor said, “We already have volumetric capture, and we are seeing the beginning of light-field capture. We are also going to start seeing the beginning of AI in animation.”

Taylor told The Hollywood Reporter that AMD plans to open a second studio in London.

The company has already been working on select projects, including with camera maker Red to support editing in conjunctions with Red’s 8K camera system. Red president Jarred Land stopped by to help AMD launch the initiative, thanking the company for supporting the creative community. “You give a fuck,” he said to cheers.